After 2 years of pandemic, Lauter Lärm is back, with another blasting event.



Rappachgasse 26

1110 Wien

and maybe



good news:

DJ Balli is triple tested negative, so he can show up

bad news:

Null Hypothesis was tested positive yesterday. Because of Null Hypothesis is on tour with Melt Unit, there are concerns he might also got infected. Right now, he is negative and on his way to Vienna. I hope he stays negative. and he can be on stage for us.

We can confirm

are negativ and will perform.

If Melt Unit stays negative he will be also on stage, but this is something out of our control, we hope the best. at this point I like to say all the best to those who got infected, I hope you have a mild one, and get well soon!



few lineup changes came up LUI and Oliotronix can´t play cause of corona, DJ Balli is not sure, so he is waiting for his test results. Sadly, BAM also can´t make it, so we have now Sepix, DJ Shinsekai and DJ Juhuli (LIVE) on board. Being a promoter during a pandemic is not easy, but Captain Raveman, Melt Unit, Null Hypothesis and Fall Into Dry Lungs are still negative.

this is a good point to say, come tested, recovered or vaccinated on may the 14th. better safe than sorry, because it really sucks for the Artists not be able to play on shows, it sucks as promoter to find last minute another act, it sucks for the audience if act´s they like to see getting cancelled last min.


so please come tested, recovered or vaccinated, better come tested and recovered or vaccinated, so this can be a great party